Pages, Content, & Excerpts

In this lesson, we will cover the Special Pages Option, Content Access Options, and Excerpts under Plugin Options.

Select your Login Page

A default login page can be defined. If defined, the page selected here will be used in links throughout the site where a login is called for. If none is selected, it will use the Default WP login page.

Select your Registration Page:

A registration page can be defined. Generally, the registration page would be an Infusionsoft order form.

A registration page maybe internal or external. If both are defined, the external page will have priority.

If defined, a link to the registration page will be used in links throughout the site where a registration is called for.

Select your "excerpt" Upsell Page:

An upsell page can be selected here. Generally, the upsell page would be an embedded Infusionsoft order form through which you can sell an additional product.

If defined, a link to the upsell page will be used in links throughout the site where an upsell is called for.

Alternate ‘404 – Page Not Found’ page:

You can select any page in your site to act in lieu of your theme’s 404 template.

Enable WordPress Dashboard access?

Selecting “yes” allows subscribers to access the WordPress Dashboard.

Only those whose WordPress “capability” matches the one selected from the pulldown list will be granted access.

To review the meaning of user roles and capabilities in WordPress, please click here.

Suppress WP 3.1 "admin bar"?

In WP 3.1, an admin bar, which docks itself to the top of pages, was introduced. You can choose to suppress it (default) or allow it to be displayed.

Enable content gradual release:

Selecting “yes” will activate “drip content” release based on a subscriber’s registration date. This is the subscriber’s FIRST registration date. If you have multiple membership levels, and they have registered for several different levels, it will use the first time they registered for ANY level.

You can choose between days and weeks as the release cycles.

In addition to this page level setting, several shortcodes exist to do the same within pages and posts.

Day or Week 0 and 1 will release automatically. Day or Week 2 will release 24 hours and 1 second after they signed up.

Access for search bots/spiders

Selecting “yes” would allow established and reputable search engines to view and index your protected content without being subscribers.

If “no” is selected, bots and spiders will be granted the same access as unregistered visitors, i.e. none or excerpts.

Allow Google ‘First Click’ access?

Please refer to this page for more information: Google First Click

Force excerpts at all times:

Activating this option will automatically create an excerpt for pages and posts that do not have one.

The excerpt text can be defined in the “Excerpt Settings” options panel.

This option can be very useful when using fixed menus, such as the ones generated by WordPress 3.x’s Menu Builder to avoid 404 errors.

Excerpt Settings, if you selected yes above.

Disable excerpt links:

iMember360 will automatically generate links to your login and upsell pages – if defined.

By disabling this option, these links will not appear at the end of your excerpts.

HTML wrapper for excerpts:

By default, iMember360 displays excerpt within ‘blockquote’ HTML tags.

You can enter any HTML wrapper tag of you choice – or none – but are limited to one such wrapper tag.

In addition to the tag itself, a class attribute and a style definition may be entered.

Max. length for WP-generated excerpts:

In various places, such as an archive or category view of multiple posts, WordPress will automatically generate an excerpt if one wasn’t created manually.

By default, WordPress creates excerpts using the first 55 words of a document.

By modifying this value, you can shorten or lengthen the length of your auto-generated excerpts to better suit your design layout.