Creating Membership Levels

In this lesson, we will set up the Membership levels.

1. Select Memberships from the iMember360 menu bar.

There is no time lag on seeing the membership levels. If you have the tags created in Infusionsoft, you should be able to see the tag names.

2. Under Tag Name, select the Membership Tag you created in Infusionsoft (1); Select the level (2); Type the name you want the members to see (3).

  1. If no membership tags appear in the Tag Name dropdown selectors, you have not set up your membership tags properly in Infusionsoft.
    Please ensure that for each membership that you wish to define, such a “Gold”, that a corresponding PAYF tag exists (i.e. “GoldPAYF”)
    The PAYF suffix should be added to the tag name without spaces or other symbol.
  2. For separate membership levels, i.e. to disable hierarchical levels, leave all levels set to 0 (zero). This is the recommended setting.
    However if you want your memberships to be hierarchical, assign 1-2-3. Higher numbered levels will be then able to “see” their content as well as that of lower numbered levels.
    Do NOT mix 0 (zero) and 1-2-3, you must use all 0’s or only 1-2-3-4-5-6, etc..
  3. This is the Membership Name your members will see.

3. Select the page you want your members to see when they login and logout.

  1. This will be the page your members see upon logging in. Each membership level can have its own redirect page upon login.
    You must have the pages created for them to show up in the drop down menus.
  2. Select the page you want this membership level to see when they logout.
  3. If you have multiple themes installed, you can choose different themes for different membership levels.

4. Click SAVE.