Set up Product/Subscriptions

If you are creating a free membership ONLY, you can skip this step.

1. Hover over Infusionsoft logo » eCommerce » Products

2. Click Add a Product

3. Give your product a name and select whether it is a Product or Digital Product.

Choose Product if you are adding a subscription. A Digital Product is specially designed to store the product file (under 10 MB), deliver a download link, and enforce download limitations.

4. Fill in the product information

Add: Short Description, Price, Category, and Long Description.

The price amount given in Figure 4-4 will be the default price for the product. This price is billed for every one-time purchase (if you allow it) and for each subscription billing cycle. You can override the default when creating individual subscription plans.

6. Click Save

7. Click the Subscription Plan tab

8. Enter the information for the first subscription program (you can have more than one).

  • Bill Every: Enter the frequency and select an time interval (e.g. Every 1 Month, Every 1 year).
  • Optional) # of Cycles: Use this field to set an end date for the subscriptions (e.g. If this is a one year program, billed once a month, then the # of cycles is 12). Skip this field if the subscription bills continuously until the customer cancels it.
  • Optional) Plan Price: By default, subscription plans bill the product price you entered when creating the product. Use this field to override the product default for this particular plan.

9. Click Add.

10. Add images if desired.

Repeat this process to add more subscription plan options for this product. Use the arrows to re-arrange the order the subscription plans appear in the Infusionsoft storefront.

11. Click Save.

Create one for each paid membership level.