Set up membership tags

This lesson shows how to set up 2 membership tags for each membership level: a “MembershipLevel” tag and a “MembershipLevelPAYF” tag. This allows you to define permission levels for content on your website.

In order to be recognized as membership tags, these tags must be defined in “pairs”, both with the same base name and one with the “PAYF” suffix. Do not include any spaces or extraneous characters.

Examples: “Gold” and “GoldPAYF”, “AdvMember” and “AdvMemberPAYF”, etc.

1. Begin creating tags by hovering over Infusionsoft logo » CRM » Settings

2. Click on Tags under Contact & Company Settings

3. Click on Add Tag.

4. Name the tags, select a category if desired and give them a description. Click on Add Tag(s)

Remember to create 2 tags for each membership level as described previously.

Sample text below

If you would like to add Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tags, then you can copy and paste the sample text below into the Tag Name section. Figure 2-5 shows the other suggested information needed to create these Tags.

Sample Text:
Free Member,Free MemberPAYF,Silver Member,Silver MemberPAYF,Gold Member,Gold MemberPAYF,Platinum Member,Platinum MemberPAYF