Set payment trigger

In this step we will set up the payment triggers for when an auto charge attempt fails.

1. Hover over Infusionsoft logo » eCommerce » Settings

2. Select Billing Automation

3. Choose ‘When an auto charge attempt is…’

4. Click Add Trigger

5. Set up Trigger

  1. When an auto charge FAILS
  2. Select whether when you want the action to run – on the first failure, second, third, etc.
  3. Select the membership this action will apply to
  4. Actions > Add new action > Add/Remove Tag

6. Select which tag to add

When you click Add/Remove Tag, the Actions box will open.
The apply button is already selected.

  1. Click the membership PAFY tag for the membership you selected above. In this case it is Silver MembershipPAYF
  2. Click Save

7. Add Additional Actions

You could add additional actions at this point.
Send an email telling them their credit card was not accepted.

8. Click Save Trigger

9. Add a Trigger for a Successful Action.

Choose ‘When an auto charge attempt is…’

10. Click Add Trigger

11. Set up Successful Trigger

  1. This time we want when the auto charge is SUCCESSFUL
  2. After the previous auto charge FAILED
  3. Select for which membership
  4. Under Actions, select Apply/Remove tag

12. Remove PAYF tag

  1. Select REMOVE
  2. Select the membership tagPAYF for the membership level you selected above.
  3. Click Save

13. Click Save Trigger

Create a Failed and Successful trigger for each paid membership level.