How to figure out if IonCube is installed

You can easily figure out if IonCube is running by looking at the information from PHP info.

Create the following file in notepad or textwrangler.

Do NOT use a program that allows you to bold, italics, etc.

Download file. Rename to ioncube_advance_tester.php

Upload the file via FTP to the root folder of your WordPress site

This script will output diagnostic results and give you information on getting server side parameters. You can use this script to check other parameters.

Once the file is uploaded, type in a browser.

Under IonCube Loader, the Status should say Installed with the version.

More Information, if you need it.

By clicking the PHP info; Click here, you will see additional information.
Once, again you can see that IonCube is loaded.

Additional confirmation

If you see the above configuration, Ioncube is installed and iMember360 should activate.

The Additional Modules may not be on all servers!

Where do I get ionCube

First, call your hosting company. They may do it for you.

If not, you can download a free loader at

In my example php info image above, the php version was x86-64. So from this page, I would download the Linux (x86-64) version. The Windows Installer may be easier to install. There is s a Loader Wizard PHP script to help with installation is available in a Zip and tgz archive. Download and install the script into your web space, and then launch the script in your browser for guidance on installation and selection of the correct Loader package. The Wizard is also provided within the Loader packages below.