This module provides a mechanism to synchronize two contact fields using a “Send Http post to another server” action.

Both regular and custom fields can be synchronized.This module can be called through a ‘Send an http post…’ following a web or order form.This module can be called through a ‘Send an http post…’ as part of a trigger process, legacy action set or campaign builder sequence.


i4w_syncfields=abc123 Determine the basic action to be taken.
source=fieldname Defines the name of the contact field to use to update another.
append=string Defines a string value that will appended to the value of ‘source’ before being stored in ‘target’.
target=fieldname Defines the name of the contact field to be updated with the value of the “source” field.
noblanks=1 States that “target” should only be overwritten if “source” is not empty.




In all examples provided, ‘abc123’ stand for the first six characters of your Infusionsoft API key. These are used to authenticate the request.

The new “Campaign Builder” HTTP POST do not automatically send the contact record data for processing. Individual value pairs must now be specified. In this case, the required value pair is either of the following:

Id ~Contact.Id~
contactId ~Contact.Id~
ContactId ~Contact.Id~
Contact0Id ~Contact.Id~