This module provides a mechanism to refresh the local contact cache using a “Send Http post to another server” action in In Infusionsoft.

This module will update a contact’s local cache using the data passed through HTTP POST and will only update the fields received. Other fields will not be updated in the local cache. This module relies on the data received and does not make use of the API to refresh the local cache.

In legacy scenarios (“action sets”) or when initiated manually through the Infusionsoft backend, by defaults all fields are posted to the target server. In Campaign Builder, however, this is not the case and you will have to manually define value pairs for each of the fields. You will also have to periodically update those definitions as you add and/or delete custom fields. Please exercise care to ensure that the correct field names are used when defining those value pairs.This module can be called through a ‘Send an http post…’ following a web or order form.This module can be called through a ‘Send an http post…’ as part of a trigger process, legacy action set or campaign builder sequence.


i4w_sync_user=abc123 Authenticates the request using the first six characters of your API key. Required: Yes.




In all examples provided, ‘abc123’ stand for the first six characters of your Infusionsoft API key. These are used to authenticate the request.

The new “Campaign Builder” HTTP POST do not automatically send the contact record data for processing. Individual value pairs must now be specified. In this case, the required value pair is either of the following:

Id ~Contact.Id~
contactId ~Contact.Id~
ContactId ~Contact.Id~
Contact0Id ~Contact.Id~