This shortcode returns an editable ajax table consisting of a segment of your Infusionsoft contacts, selected by tag ID and/or company ID.

Through this shortcode, both regular and custom fields can be edited. The changes are immediately posted both locally, to your WordPress site, and to your Infusionsoft application. Both display fields and edit fields can be defined. In additional, action sets can be initiated for individual contacts in the list.

This shortcode does NOT supports conditional branching with [ELSE_member_dir_editable].

Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.


companyidThis parameter can take one of three possible values: ‘no’, ‘yes’ or ‘123’ (where ‘123’ is a specific, existing CompanyId). If ‘no’ is specified, the company ID will not be taken into account during the query. If ‘yes’ is given, the current user’s company ID, if available, will be used. If the user doesn’t have a company ID, no member directory will be returned. Finally, if a specific company ID is given, a member directory will be returned using that company ID.
Default: ‘no’.
Required: no.
tagidOne or more comma separated (CSV) tag ID’s, to select the segments of your list to be displayed.
Default: none.
Required: yes, at least one.
fieldsThe Infusionsoft fields to display. Please use the identical spelling as documented in the API.
Default: none. Required: yes, at least one.
header_labelsColumn headers to be used instead of field names.
Default: none.
Required: no.
onlyidA comma separated list of Infusionsoft contact ID’s of members allowed to see the generated list. If used, only those members person will be able to see the list. If not used, anyone can see it.
Default: none.
Required: no.
headersMay be ‘y’ or ‘n’, to define whether a <table> header is displayed or not.
Default: ‘y’.
Required: no.
pagelengthSpecifies the number of items displayed per page.
Default: 10.
Required: no.
avatar_fieldSpecifies an Infusionsoft field name (NOT custom field) where alternate avatar URL’s are stored.
avatar_headerSpecify a column header for the avatar column.
avatar_size => Defines the size of the avatar, limited to 1 x 1 minimum and 128 x 128 maximum. If no default is provided, the shortcode falls back on the global Gravator size.
avatar_defaultDefines which gravatar to use when the user doesn’t have one registered.
Default: yes, ‘mm’ (Mystery Man).
Required: no.
avatar_altDetermines which “alt” text is going to used in the image link.
Default: none.
Required: no.
edit_fieldsDefines the fields that can be edited.
Default: none.
Required: no.
edit_labelsSpecifies the labels used for the edit form.
Default: none.
Required: no.
actionsetsIf ‘yes’, specifies that actionsets can executed, or, if a list of actionset ID’s is provided, limits the actionsets that may be started. If ‘no’ is specified, a list of actionsets will not be made available to the edit form.
Default: none.
Required: no.


[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='FirstName,LastName,Phone1']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' companyid='no' fields='FirstName,LastName,Phone1']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' companyid='yes' fields='FirstName,LastName,Phone1']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' companyid='123' fields='FirstName,LastName,Phone1']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='avatar,FirstName,LastName,Phone1' edit_fields='FirstName,LastName,Phone1,Email']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='avatar,FirstName,LastName,Phone1' actionsets='yes']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='avatar,FirstName,LastName,Phone1' actionsets='123,234,345']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='avatar,FirstName,LastName,Phone1' avatar_field='Address3Street' avatar_size='80' avatar_size='48' avatar_default='48']

[i4w_member_dir_editable tagid='123,234,345' fields='avatar,FirstName,LastName,Phone1' header_labels=',Nombre,Apellido,Telefono' avatar_field='Address3Street' avatar_size='80' avatar_size='48' avatar_default='48']


he list is sorted on the first field defined in the fields list.

In addition to all the available Infusionsoft contact fields, this shortcode provides three virtual fields: Avatar, FullName and CityState, which are converted to a person’s gravatar, ‘FirstName LastName’ and ‘City, State’, respectively.

For additional information concerning gravatars and default values, please refer to: https://en.gravatar.com/site/implement/images/


There is no API function equivalent for this shortcode.