This hook allows you to run your own code immediately after an Infusionsoft-based subscriber has authenticated during the login process.


iMember360 will pass the following parameters to your action function:

$wp_user is the standard WordPress user object for the person who just logged in.
$contact is an array containing the contact record fields for the person who just logged in.


function my_i4w_authenticated_remote_login($wp_user, $contact) {
  // $wp_user is the user object (same as the standard $current_user)
  // $contact is an array with all contact record fields.

  // add your code to perform any desired action, such as sending an email notification
  // or updating contact record to reflect the login that just took place

  $your_code_goes_here = true;
add_action('i4w_authenticated_remote_login', 'my_i4w_authenticated_remote_login', 10, 2);