I just assigned a tag to a contact but it isn’t reflected on the site

Due to Infusionsoft API restricted, contact information on the site is generally cached.

However, cached contact information is automatically updated during certain events known to iMember360, such as when a tag is assigned from within iMember360 or when an an Infusionsoft HTTP POST is received for a contact.

Outside the immediate area of control of iMember360, iMember360 doesn’t know about changes to a contact.

A regular intervals, however, using a setting that you can define in “Plugin Options”, iMember360 can automatically refresh the contact cache.

If you often do contact record updates through other API-based applications or Campaign Builder sequences, you can use iMember360’s i4w_sync_user module, either as an HTTP POST out of campaign or through the webhooks available in Infusionsoft.

See: https://docs.imember360.com/i4w_sync_user/