Add Rank Requirements Based Upon Infusionsoft Contact Tag/Tags

Note it is not possible to add rank requirements to the lowest priority rank for each rank type.
Selecting Add New Rank Requirement

  1. When editing an individual rank within the Rank Requirements panel click Add New Rank Requirement.

Configuring Add New Rank Requirement For Contact Tag

  1. Click on the When dropdown, scroll, and in the iMember360 section click to select Contact has tag(s).
  2. In the dropdown select whether the user should have either Any or All of the tags specified to complete the rank requirement.
  3. In the dropdown select the Infusionsoft tag(s) the user should have.
  4. Enter your own label. This is not compulsory and will be automatically created by GamiPress and iMember360 if left blank. When subsequently editing the Rank Requirements the label is not automatically updated it must be edited manually.
  5. Click Save All Rank Requirements.