Add/Remove Infusionsoft Tag/Tags, Set Contact Field When Rank Earned

Configuring Actions When Rank Earned

  1. When editing an individual rank within the Rank Data panel in the iMember360 Add Tags dropdown select the Infusionsoft tag(s) to be added when the rank is earned.
  2. In the iMember360 Remove Tags dropdown select the Infusionsoft tag(s) to be removed when the rank is earned.
    Remove tags are processed before add tags to ensure that any Infusionsoft campaigns goals can be triggered appropriately.
  3. In the iMember360 Set Contact Field dropdown select the Infusionsoft field to set to the value specified in step 4.
  4. Only Infusionsoft text, text area and whole number fields are supported and shown for selection.
  5. Specify the value to be set for the contact field.
  6. Ensure to click Update to save the rank changes.
Please note that the various Infusionsoft actions will only be executed for the lowest priority rank when that rank is set from within the WordPress User Profile. They are not executed when GamiPress applies the lowest priority rank as the default rank to all users.
Be aware that these Infusionsoft actions are only applied when the rank is earned. If the rank is revoked in any way the actions are not reversed.