Feed Protection, Misc. & Mail

In this lesson, we will cover the Feed Protection option, Miscellaneous options, and Mail options.


Setting this option to ‘Yes’ will require users to provide their login credentials in order to pull the feeds.

Default Avatar size:

Use this setting to define the default avatar size for use with the [i4w_avatar] shortcode.

A valid value must be between 1 and 96 pixels.

Enable SEO slug name optimizer:

This module enables the automatic filtering out of known stopwords which can have a negative SEO impact.

The list of stopwords can be edited and customized to your needs in the “Slug Optimizer” options panel.

The primary purpose is to avoid the appearance of keyword density spamming.

Example Title: “Mr Sugar’s sugar cane plantation produces the best sugar”.

Non-optimized slug name: “mr-sugars-sugar-cane-plantation-produces-the-best-sugar”

Optimized slug name: “sugar-cane-plantation”.

When SEO slug name optimizer is selected, the Slug Optimizer menu item will appear.

For the SEO Slug Optimizer to function properly, you must have activated Permalinks.


Permalinks are found in the WordPress dashboard under Settings.

Permalink Settings

Set the Permalinks to the Post name.

Suppress empty custom menu items:

If using menus created through WordPress’ menu builder, you can choose to completely suppress the display of menu items for which a member doesn’t have permissions.

If not suppressed, these menu items will be displayed but will not be clickable.

Apply ‘Hide menu’ to admin users:

By default, an admin user can see all menu items, regardless of whether an item was set to “Hide from menu only”.

If set to ‘Yes’, the menu displayed will not contained items set to “Hide from menu only”.

Default ‘Mail From’ name:

In various places, infusionWP interacts with your members through email (for example: password reminder, password reset, password change).

You can specify an alternate “From:” name rather than using the WordPress default of ‘Site Admin’.

Default ‘Mail From’ address:

You can specify an alternate “From:” address rather than using the WordPress default set in Settings -> General.