BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Extension Activation & Settings

The BuddyPress/BuddyBoss plugin must have previously been installed and activated on your site in order to be able to activate the iMember360 BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Extension.

Steps to activate the BuddyPress/BuddyBoss extension
  1. In WordPress administrator main navigation click iMember360, Extensions.
  2. In iMember360 Extensions tabs click BuddyPress/BuddyBoss.
  3. Set Enable BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Extension to Yes.
  4. In BuddyPress/BuddyBoss redirect page select the default page to redirect users to if they attempt to visit any BuddyPress/BuddyBoss group whose membership is being controlled by iMember360 Post/Page Access Conditions and for which they are not members.
  5. Select the BuddyPress/BuddyBoss registration tags. This setting is only needed if you want to use the BuddyPress/BuddyBoss registration. Select the tags which should be assigned to the contact in Keap.
  6. Click Save Settings.